About Us


A fusion of the words EQUILIBRIUM (a state of balance between opposing forces or actions) and WELL (in good health).

Welcome to EQWELLIBRIUM® a well-being brand committed to making self-care accessible to all. It’s time to intentionally connect you to you.

How We Support Your Self-care Journey

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season has its own Qi (energy). With our connection with nature, our energy and body’s needs reflect these seasonal changes. To provide equilibrium in the moments your body needs it most, we selected products to match the season's energy and support in alleviating imbalances. 

At EQWELLIBRIUM® we believe self-care isn’t a one-and-done, but an ongoing lifestyle that supports your whole being without being an elaborate production. That’s why we offer convenient full-sized products in our boxes like a candle you can light when working from home to a bath soak to use in the evening and adaptogens to offer mood support throughout the day.

Our featured wellness products are those we strongly believe can inspire a self-care routine and become a lifestyle. 

Details About Products Included

As seasons change, what your body needs in each one varies to maintain equilibrium. Each season requires different things and it’s our goal to match that.

The key to any successful lifestyle change is consistency. In keeping with that, the products in the boxes won’t change from season to season but they will feature variations in scent and other details.

We’re a Black-owned business that cares deeply about amplifying the voices of diverse small businesses outside of our own brand. By doing so, we choose vendors who are small business owners to support their passions and bring you products that can’t be found on store shelves. While we’re making a difference in the growth of their company, your purchase will be doing the same!

We love to share the love here at EQWELLIBRIUM®, so you’ll also be able to trace the origin of all the products in our seasonal self-care boxes.

About Our Founder

Whether it’s shepherding the employee experience and nurturing corporate culture in her 9-5, or carving out a minute during the day for intentional breathing, prioritizing the person and well-being is at the core of our founder, Mariam Safo’s identity. 

She’s reframed the popular term of “out for lunch” to “out for me”.

Eager to share tips and products that replicated her feeling of "ahh", she went to the drawing board to strategize on how to best bring this brainchild to life. Almost a year later, EQWELLIBRIUM® was born.

EQWELLIBRIUM® strives to create an ambiance that encourages and empowers the practice of self-care as a lifestyle and reconnecting with one's self to find joy in little moments of solace. All orders are carefully handled with intention and your self-care in mind.