Spring Wellness

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The changes of the seasons can get us out of sorts. Spring brings longer daylight and we see nature flourish. There's more warmth, seeds sprout, and flowers bloom. It's important to get our bodies back up and aligned with Spring, a season of renewal, detoxification, and rejuvenation. Swipe to learn some of the things to focus on during the Spring.

Springtime is when we slowly awaken from our winter slumber. With the beginning of longer daylight, it's easier to regain our motivation and energy. It's important to get our bodies back up and aligned with Spring, a season of renewal, detoxification, and rejuvenation. Here are a few things as we march into Spring, followed by Spring through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Stay Hydrated

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of two organs associated with the Spring season is the liver. One of the many functions of the liver is detoxifying. It's important to keep yourself hydrated to help the body operate smoothly and detox efficiently. Drink plenty of water and you may incorporate some green teas and herbal teas. Check with your healthcare provider before consuming.

Get Out More

We spend most of the Winter season indoors. Springtime brings out more sunshine. Get out and soak up some sunshine to get the doses of Vitamin D you may have missed out on, with your SPF of course! Vitamin D. The sun is also known to be mood-boosting so enjoy the great outdoors!

Stay Active

If you weren't motivated to stay active during the winter months, the warmer weather may be just the motivation you need — plus it's common to feel aches and pain along with stiff bones and joints after winter, especially if you weren't able to maintain physical activity. Health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity such as walking and spending two days a week strength training.

Mental Detox

Winter can leave us feeling drained and cluttered. Spring cleaning applies to our mental self-care as well. An emotional or mental detox can help us renew during the Spring . Consider adding meditation, yoga, and/or journaling to your daily routine, along with therapy sessions, if you can. Try an electronic/social media cleanse by reducing your time spent on devices or unfollowing pages that leave you self-doubting or in a slump.

Spring Eats

Assess your eating habits. You can slowly start reducing slow-cooked winter meals and opt for quicker-cooked meals (steamed or stir fry) with fresh ingredients. Focus on fruits and vegetables in season. Incorporate the following items in your meals: lemons, vinegar, mint, artichoke,radish, ginger, fennel, rosemary, dill, bay leaves, berries, peppers, salmon, nuts, and wholegrain foods.

Health Check-Ups

Spring is a good time for a health tune-up. Think Spring Cleaning! If you haven't yet, make an appointment with a healthcare provider to get your annual physical and blood work. This will let you know where you stand and have the remainder of the year to start making any necessary changes.

Spring through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the Five-elements theory.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season has its own Qi (energy), and each is associated with one of the five elements: Fire
Earth, Wood, Metal, and Water. Our energy and body's needs reflect these seasonal changes. The ancient Chinese believed that living in harmony with the natural cycles of our environment helps us maintain or create optimal
health. In TCM, the Spring season is associated with the Wood element. The wood element governs the liver and the gallbladder.

These two organs regulate a smooth flow of energy throughout the whole body. The Liver (Yin organ) is responsible for the smooth flow of blood
and emotions throughout the body. The Gall Bladder (Yang organ) is responsible for storing and excreting bile and governs decision making, planning, dreaming, inspiration, and assertiveness.

The energy of spring is one of renewal and rejuvenation for overall health and well-being. A time of cleansing, expansive movement, and growth. Therefore, Spring is a great time to strengthen the liver and the gallbladder.

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